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  1. Hi I’m a fiat 127 1300gt enthusiast and have a lovely example I’ve been restoring for years over in Leeds. I’m looking for a couple of small parts to finish my car and wondered if there maybe anyone in your club who has a 1300gt that may have any spares or advice to put me intouch with someone who might have some spares my number is 07930333941 many thanks Dave.

    • Hi David, we are going to put your request on our facebook page and see if you get any replies in the meantime we are going to give you a number for a gentleman called Bob Roe who is a Fiat 127 enthusiast and has a good collection of Fiat 127’s His number is 00353868262942 that includes the code for Ireland. Best of luck with your search

  2. Hi all,

    We are looking forward to our 19th annual NCBI Classic Vehicle Show in aid of the National Council for the Blind Ireland and hoping to see all our regular supporters and perhaps some new faces this year.

    With your help and passing the word amongst your club members and fellow enthusiasts will help us raise the much needed funding and make this an even more success. We thank you in advance.

    The event is scheduled for Sunday the 26th June 2016 a month away !!

    If any of you are coming as a group or a club and want to be parked together, please email me in advance of the event at Please make sure to include in the email the number of vehicles attending along with the name of the group or club.

    If you have a regular spot – as I know a few do – and you would like the same, please specify this in the email as well. I will do my best to ensure that you have a large enough area and the area you want, but nothing can be guaranteed, especially for late arrivals.

    This year there will be a new area for display – a “hard ground carpark” – so we aim to have plenty of space for all involved!

    As you know, this show is purely in support of the NCBI and all the amazing work they do for people with sight loss, and is not affiliated to any vehicle club. Hence, all funds received go directly to the NCBI.
    The show itself is wholly organised and run by dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time, so please support them as much as possible.

    On the day, as is “traditional” – we have a big raffle with some great prizes to be won and the day promises to be filled with loads of fun for everyone of all ages.

    Gates open between 9:15 am and 11:30am for exhibitor’s and trade stands / Jumblers to the show, this will allow time to park and get settled in.

    Please, do try to arrive during these hours and not at 11.30am only.

    We are opening to the general public from 12:00pm until 5:00pm. Entrance fee is € 10.00 per car with all proceeds going to the NCBI extra donations would be nice 

    We hope to SEE all of you there on 26th June 2016, which promises to be a great day for all. St Columbas College, Tibradden Rd, Whitechurch, Dublin 16

    Our Facebook page with images from previous years

    Best regards,
    The Team

    Jack, Jean and Kevin

  3. Is there anyone who may know the location of an exhaust manifold for a Fiat Ducato 1.9 diesel.

  4. Please let me know which Ins Co. allows members the 10% discount.
    I have just acquired the X19 that PJ Costello restored and am looking forward to becoming a member of this club for whatever period your year is.

    Can I insure with that Co. first or is it necessary to be a member of your club first.
    Am already a member of several other clubs and have insurance on 2 cars. ?

    It’s important to me that all messages are emailed as I do not use a cell phone.
    Is your club prepared to do that ?

    • Sean
      Yes our club sends out emails and texts to all members. The Insurance company that have the 10% discount is Autoline. They are based in Northern Ireland. They may ask if you are a member of Classic Fiat Ireland. When you become a club member you also receive discount with Top Parts and other agencies.

  5. Hello Dermot, and Margaret,

    Having 2 other Classics with Autoline I added the X 1.9 to my policies for a very accomodatingly low sum.

    I believe Mike and I met in Bantry on the Kingdom week-end out of Kenmare and had a long chat by the harbour. He knows the car I bought. What a fantastic little rocket, even if it has only got the 1300cc engine.
    Never enjoyed driving so much in all me days, even in the Fox Kart many moons ago. Reminds me so much of it, so I named the X 1.9 “Bart’s Kart”. Hope Bertone doesn’t mind.
    If anyone of you knows whether it is correct to use Bart instead of Bert please let me know.

    By t.w, I happened to buy a copy of Auto Italia in Cork city on the way to Kerry, feeling a bit drawn to all the Italian classics like the Lancias featured inside, and discovered on page 80 that all the Italian marques with their own Club were listed for everywhere in the World, including N.Ireland, BUT not in the Republic.
    None, of any kind.!
    Ladies and Gentlemen we are missing a trick here, and should not be left out. Will someone please amend this situation.

    Their next issue [ December’s ] is their 250th Anniv. Special, and on sale from November 2nd.

  6. Stop ! Don’t pay any attention to the bit of nonsense I have just written. Before you even think it I’ll say for you : “what’s that eejit going on about. ?” Don’t why I didn’t look more closely at the page headings on the top of the site page. My only excuse is that I discovered the pics of your trip to Sligo first but they appear to be dated 2014. Should have looked further.
    Humblest apologies !
    Will forward a fee for membership very soon. I also hope to meet you in Youghal later. Hope you ordered the right kind of weather.

    • Hi Sean,
      Our website was a bit out of date but recently we are trying to keep it updated. We have a fun run and meet on Sunday at Japanese Gardens and National Stud in Tully Co. Kildare and you are welcome to join us on that. If you wish to travel in convoy with other members if you send an email with your address to we will send out details of the person in your area to ring

  7. Hi, I’m in the North and have a 128 3p (with the stripes) which I’m restoring at the moment, hopefully ready for paint soon.

    As you know these are fairly rare cars but a friend of mine saw a superb red one near the Ashbourne hotel? in Dublin last weekend.

    Anyone know the car or is the owner a member?

  8. Hi, I’m in the process of restoring a ’77 Fiat 132 and I’m looking for a 14″ steel wheel. It doesn’t have to be the same type, great if it was, but I need it for a spare.
    Greatly appreciate if any of your members could help me.

  9. Hi, I have a 1972 Fiat 500L for the past 12 years and she needs a complete body overhaul at this point. She drives like a dream still and has various work done engine wise. Prices seem to be quite high -I have been quoted €7000! but none of these ppl specialise in 500’s. Do you know someone who does 500’s ..? Thank you Karen

  10. I’ve just noticed this reply today.

    Thanks very much for the info, I wasn’t aware of your Facebook site, will join now to keep in touch.

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